Kindness, Clarity, and Encouragement #40

Word of wisdom: Urgency is the enemy of what is important.

The source of all wasted human time and effort is false urgency and random reaction based on your feelings. Let’s get into it.

Action ≠ Reaction

If I can keep you FEELING like everything needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW, I can keep you distracted long enough to derail your destiny. And because you’re REACTING, you’ll feel like you’re making progress when really you’re just BUSY soothing FEELINGS.

Urgent ≠ Important!!!

Important things can also BE urgent; but urgent things can actually be absolutely unimportant. Learn to take time to weigh them. This is the nature of the still small voice of discernment: to know and understand the times and what to do.

The Isacchar anointing is the spirit of wisdom, understanding, and prudence (a child of the fruit of the spirit—particularly patience and self control). Wisdom is what to do; Understanding is how to do and who to do it with. And prudence? Well, she tells you when and where for maximum productivity and ROI (which is the world’s extra way of saying HARVEST).

The WHY is always, always for the glory of God.

Urgent vs Import, Action vs Reaction

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