The Benefit of a Broken Heart

Broken heart; clear vision

Ahhh yes. My heart has been broken so many times—shattered into irreparable pieces really.

But here’s the thing. God said:

“It’s FIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNE. All the foolishness. All the mistakes. All the outright dumb living. You was outchea reckless and I oughta let you SUFFER BUT. I’m gonna fix you up. NOT CUZ YOU DESERVE IT OR WHATEVER BUT FOR MY NAMESAKE. I got bands riding on MY WORD. So I’ma clean you up, give you a whole new heart and spirit, too. I’m a remove the little stony busted heart you got and give you MY heart.”

Ezekiel 36:24-26 (Kisha’s Hood Translation)

And so. Your heart may be broken. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s FIIIIIIIINNNNNE. God has a new heart for you. And the vision that comes from seeing this with His eyes and loving with His heart. Totally worth the brokenness, fam. ❤️

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