“Wandering,” original work by Kisha Spencer

It’s been a long 11 days! I’ve been in church or running around hectically doing things and being things for others—which, while fulfilling meant that for a brief moment I had put myself on the back burner. That ain’t been my 2022 ministry, and can I tell you? It CHAFED REAL GOODLY LIKE. 😩

I am still learning balance, still learning to love without leaning on people who can’t uphold me, still learning to give only what is overflow. And my continued lessons got me a neglected blog, a missed writing challenge, a lost voice, and a summer cold.

Well! That’s my update. Thank you to all the people who have subscribed and joined my little family. I have some next moves on the horizon, and I hope you’ll journey on with me.



Instead of making it okay for you
I'm trying to make it all right for me.
Your comfort had become my kryptonite.
Now I have broken free, put the cape down,
And have wandered off into the world
To be myself.

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