The TRUE Signs of Increase: The Workload

During the wilderness experience while God scrubbed out their character, the children of Israel wanted for nothing. They left Egypt with everything they could ask for and carry; their clothes and shoes never wore out; food fell from the heavens; water poured from rock. The only thing they had to focus on was character.

Character. Character. Character.

But when it was time to go into the wealthy place—to possess the land? GOD SAID: tell dem folks to pull together errthang they got. Ain’t gone be no time fo allodat later on. It’s time to get to work, my guys.

Prepare. Work.

The manna stopped when they ate the first fruit from their new land of their own hands.


The workload increased because the manna is about stop. It will be the increase from the PROMISE that sustains you moving forward. New clothes. New shoes. New mercies. New work. New conquests. No more slavery; more than overcomers.

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