Opportunity in the midst of Opposition

One thing that I have experienced over and over and over is that when the devil comes, he doesn’t come outright. He comes through people–and usually people to whom you are close, because those attacks hurt worse–your character, integrity, and growth get targeted because they KNOW YOU, your struggles, your weak spots.

YET. Even in those moments (if you can move passed feeling “some type of way”), God has placed an opportunity inside the opposition.

Opportunity to access God’s grace.

Opportunity to rest in God’s peace.

Opportunity to hold to God’s unchanging hand.

Opportunity to grow.

Cuz God is a God of growth—process and progress over fake holy perfection.

Remember that: it’s all about your growth into the life God has designed for you: for His glory, good pleasure, and gift to mankind.

Bishop TD Jakes, July 14, 2014

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