Let’s talk about love

Ooooo! the devil is busy–no WAIT! He’s not busy at all…cos you doing his job on his behalf. He has no need to steal, kill, and destroy; he has YOU doing it for him.

Why do you continue to talk about love but don’t walk in it? You do the opposite! You’re selfish, caring only about what you want and when it’s convenient for you to have it. You’re angry and bitter, refusing to forgive and blocking your own blessings and favor so you can hold on to your rage and hurt. You’re jealous hearted and mean spirited, tight fisted and judgmental…and yet God is love and you sure do LOVE Him, don’t you? I John talks all day about your foolishness: How CAN you love God whom you’ve never laid eyes on but treat those in your life (whom GOD loves) like garbage??? Things ain’t nobody got time for? THAT.

I believe that Galatians 6:7 is very plain–Don’t be tricked. God is NOT mocked. Whatever you put out there is what you get back (The Kisha Translation). So while you walking around causing confusion and being unpleasant, just know that all that confusion and unpleasantness WILL come back to you all packaged up and pretty. Trust me—I know of which I speak. If you WANT love, you better start showing some REAL love to others instead just paying lip service to a God who couldn’t care less about your words when His people are dying and struggling and in need of a helping hand and a loving embrace.

Have several seats.

Nope. Better yet? Take several knees.

It’s high time that our belief systems match our mouth.

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