Who ARE you?

Many people run to the altar to GET saved over and over; but they never get into the process of BEING saved which starts with LEARNING who God is so that you can KNOW who you are.

Before you can truly walk in a holy life, you GOTTA know who you are in Christ because knowing who you are eases the toil. What toil? Glad you asked.

The toil that comes from the guilt of your past.

The toil that comes from not feeling worthy both in heavenly places or on the earth.

The toil that comes from shame.

The toil that comes from sin consciousness.

The toil that comes from trying to be something you could never be because your mind is still clouded with who you used to be.

You just working—and failing—in your own power, and you NEED to know your place of righteousness in Christ so that you can learn how to rest in HIS power. It is His righteous that allows you to come boldly before the throne of grace. His righteousness that prepares the table for you to come sit down. His righteousness that puts you in position to prosper and be in good health.

Until you stop trying to fuse the two—who you were and who you are in Christ—you just gone keep spinning your wheels.

Learn who you ARE in CHRIST so that you can stop wasting time TRYING to be what you are not.


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