Get Money

wisdom: Money is TRULY the God of this world. We watch tv shows and listen to music that inundate us with the need to serve Mammon—even most of our Christian media is full of this idea that serving God GETS YOU TO MONEY.

We think if we get MONEY, we will have good health, good relationships, good lives, peace, joy, love. But look at Steve Jobs. Look at Kate Spade. Look at Kanye West. Look at Michael Jackson. Look at Donald Trump. Look at those people driving beside you in fancy cars pulling into fancy driveways. Taking pills, snorting coke, drinking, angry and lonely and miserable.

My word says that EVERY good and perfect gift comes from God—not money. And that seeking God above all else will lead to the spiritual addition of the things I NEED. And that God gives us the desires of our hearts when we seeks Him with our WHOLE being.

Money is not the answer or the cure. God IS. #Fridayfaithbuilder #GetGod not #getMoney #amen

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