Giving Freely

If you give freely, God gives freely. Simple as that. What you put out there you get back. That’s why I stay casting my bread. It always floats back.

And I NEVER REGRET GIVING OPENLY. Even if regret crosses my mind, I repent and ask for forgiveness IMMEDIATELY. God ain’t never repented about saving me. So what I look like regretting GIVING somebody something that ain’t eternal or even MINE? 🤔

Some of you are eating your seed before it takes root cuz you wanna give today and see the blessing today. How you eating it?

– By speaking on your giving publicly (bragging, sharing for clicks and likes)

– By being stingy with your giving (you didn’t give what God obstructed you to give)

– By regretting giving as soon as Satan throws a little unpleasantness your way

– By getting angry when folks don’t hype you and kiss your butt when you gave them something

– By not being grateful that you even got something to give.

Ya heart ain’t right about giving and it shows in the lack of fruit that remains.

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