We all slip up and hurt folks. It’s just the way of humanity. BUT. Too many “mature Christians” use the Holy Spirit to justify not going to their brother/sister and making things right, talmbout they got to “pray and ask God if they should apologize.” Whatchu MEAN “if”? Jesus said to LEAVE YOUR GIFT AT THE ALTAR AND MAKE IT RIGHT. Not pray to God, not inquire of the Lord, not confer with the Holy Ghost—go to the person. Cuz you know when a relationship is off.

Understanding that it is our duty to repent before God AND to the people we harm don’t require a revelation— just OBEDIENCE to the word of God.

And sure! you can ALWAYS justify your position. But being right ain’t worth the lost of right standing in Christ no day of the week. Who got time to miss the mark? To almost make it? Not this one henh! I come too far. Press toward the mark of HIGH CALLING—not high mindedness. #repent #foryourownsake #forrighteousnesssake #pridegoesbeforedestruction

And no, I’m not talking about those narcissistic needy unnecessary folks who become enraged because you enforced a boundary or chose not to argue with. I’m talmbout when you KNOW you stepped out of alignment and caused confusion. You don’t have to go get the ephod; just read the word of God. Follow peace.

#alifemorebeautifullylived #alifeinholiness #arealtimechange

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