Bitter Whispers

confession: I received a text this morning that prayed over me—which would have been WONDERFUL, except the prayer was 39 years too late. I immediately felt triggered; the thought came to my mind, “If you had been here to pray this prayer over me when I was little, maybe I’d not have suffered so in my relationships. Too little too late.” (I sounded like Lazarus sister Martha, lol).

I had to immediately repent. Like hardcore close da door and cry unto the Lord repent because I recognized a whisper of bitterness that I’d asked God to deliver me from. People do what they can when they can, and nothing that has happened to me hasn’t been or won’t be used by God for His glory, sooo why we mad?

If you listen long enough and strive for God’s presence insistently, God will show you your heart. God will expose all the crevices that still need scraping out so that you can live a victorious life in Him. Free indeed. Just listen. Then obey.

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