Late posts are the best! Saturday evening edition

My day started off crap. I didn’t realize how tired I really was until I began to try and move around. Talk about DESTRESS! Our dryer is still broken because who finna pay somebody $249 plus the parts to replace the heating element? Hint: it rhymes with “said the fly!” So I had decided to wash at home and dry at the laundromat. I washed 2 loads in my forever never-ending cycle of an HE washing machine and lay down more times than I got up until finally I decided to just take it all to the laundromat and try again next week!

Once there, I realized how suburban is raised my kids cuz my youngest was lost! She reminded me that she was pretty little when we used to go tot he laundromat, so I had to show her how to use things. Then I realized I was deep in an attitudinal funk because I was also hungry. 2 hours, picking up the oldest from work, and 7 piles of laundry later, we ended up at Cracker Barrel. Instant mood booster! The waiter was really nice, the food was great, and the decaf was fresh. It gave me just enough spunk to clean the Master bedroom and do my hair.

No photos today cuz I was crabby but here’s a little fun thing for you: what do you call Iggy Pop in the rest of the US?

Matt the King

Happy Saturday! See you at our regularly scheduled time tomorrow.

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