Here’s to new challenges: Sunday Whirls

I love challenges. This one is a new one I found reading someone else’s work. Excited even though I know myself all too well! The first one will be a bust in the obedience department; the second one will hit the mark but maybe not the movement of the first.

I can say to you that it’s always a challenge to not move the boundaries of a thing—to remember the landmarks placed. Obedience makes the human will lean back in enmity, even when doing something as simple as following a guideline for writing a poem. It’s crazy how that works.

Now, the creators will tell you themselves that it’s not “mandatory” to follow the boundary they’ve placed, but here’s the lesson: once you’ve spoken a thing into the atmosphere? Your word, like the word of God, won’t return unto you void. It will actually accomplish what you sent it out to do! Therefore, despite the demurred fashion of their statements, the creator has set the tone, texture, and timbre of the writing to come.

Anyway, this poem from me is to come later tomorrow. 🥰 While you wait, won’t you try to write something yourself? Or maybe wander around WordPress to intake the excellence of others in accepting this challenge?

Either way. Enjoy.

The Sunday Whirl Wordle 568

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