Learning to Lead While I Follow

All my life I have been a process person who taught processes to people because I can make any process make sense to any person willing to engage in a process (note I said ENGAGE—can’t make anybody do anything, your kids at school included). It is what has made me effective as an educator. Not that I am people-oriented but that I make hard things easy to digest should you want to eat what’s on your plate.

People have ALWAYS been beyond me, though. “no cap” as the kids say these days 🙄

This last year, God began to expand my understanding of how I manage process for people to experience success. As awkward as I am and as baffling as I find people to be, God revealed to me that He let me subconsciously see people—who and how and why they were—so that I gave them the process that WORKED FOR THEM. I have always intuitively known as a manager of process that every process is not meant for every person; that people live different perspectives . It works in every subject I have taught, and learning to express Jesus as the TRUTH is no exception. In fact, the very gospels—every book written—does exactly this: give you the same truth about the same Jesus Christ with a differently directed gaze. Matthew knew money. Luke knew medicine. Peter knew fish. Paul knew the law. James knew Jews. John knew Jesus. YET EACH perspective brings you to the final conclusion: JESUS IS THE CHRIST, our Savior and our Lord, our PASSPORT and the SURETY to our very CITIZENSHIP into the Kingdom of God.

Everyone focuses in a different way yet can still arrive at the same conclusion.

People perceive differently.
Processes change.
It is the PRINCIPLE that remains the same.

Now the switch.

As I learn to intentionally LEAD PEOPLE (y’all pray), I am still awkward. I am still baffled. I am watching those around me who clearly understand and studying the greatest Leader of all. It takes some doing, some Holy Ghost determination to get submitted, be submitted, and remain joyfully submitted to the will of the Father by embracing the mind of Christ fully. Willfully.

See, nothing on earth is as strong as the human will. We fight off death and disease, push past both known and unknown limits, peel back layers and layers of knowledge and understanding of the mind, the body, the earth and its inhabitants, the universe, ever blindly breaching the barrier broken from the beginning. Eating and eating and eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we are as little children orphaned and without understanding —ignorance and innocence and selfishness tied to unbound access. Whewww. Yes, CHILE! The human will has proven time and again to be one of the most insurmountable forces on the face of the earth, bowing only to the manifest presence of God—WHO in His Mercy and Love allows us the option to choose to experience His Presence…or nah. So it takes all of our will bent intentionally to submit; otherwise? It snaps back into itself, defaulting to a kind of lost boys, Lord of the flies atmosphere that leads to death and destruction.

Back on Brand.

So I will to submit to the transition from who I have been, understanding that who I will be has not yet appeared. Recognizing that who I have seen myself to be must go through a process of transformation hitherto uncomfortable and reasonably avoidable as such. I am walking around here in my Daddy’s shoes, tripping, and He is picking me as my Big Brother encourages me and shows me how to put down my feet so I don’t fall as much as often. So I can follow Him quickly. And those He assigned to me can follow me, as I follow Him.

Which means that I have committed myself to understanding the PRINCIPLES—and the order of the Lord. No more learning willy nilly hoping for a shot in the dark.

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