Rules Without Reasons Reap Rebellion

I am watching the conscious parenting trend and I find that just like all things, life is all about taking the good with the bad. The philosophy has merits that I absolutely rocks with and things that I find to be quite head scratching. One of the head scratchers is simply that I am supposed to “let kids lead” because I am operating in trauma and listening to the kid helps with that.”

Ummm. Okay. So, no? Not biblical so I can’t ride. Y’all can correct me if I misconstrued the principle.🤷🏾‍♀️

What I do respect and honor in this conscious parenting philosophy is the need to be clear, concise, and reasonable in our expectations.

Cuz here’s what doesn’t work: because I said so.

Children are people. LITTLE PEOPLE, sure. DEVELOPING PEOPLE, all day. But people at the end of it all. And what we cannot do, is raise “people” without whys.

A kid asking you why—whether disagreeing with your what or out of serious desire to know—cannot be taken as a challenge every. Single. Time. It’s how they learn to navigate life. Even if they cannot articulate it in words? The “Train up a child part” never leaves their belly. In fact, when they are old, not only will they NOT depart from it? They will replicate it.

What is your child replicating?

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