What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The greatest mistake a woman can make is to listen to the voice of a man who doesn’t listen to the voice of God. He will be insecure and spend his time sabotaging you because it’s the only way he knows how to shine. He will always need you to hold him up while simultaneously backing him up while simultaneously setting him up while simultaneously forgiving him every mistake, misstep, wrongdoing, callous treatment, unkind behavior, and ugly exchange… yeah. Kind of like raising a child.

This is what happens to young men who are raised by women without fathers who take care of the households that they’ve created. All they see of a woman is the giving of her life for him, the son, in ways that take on the energy of the masculine—protecting and providing while (failing to) attempting to nurture at the same time. And because all he knows is her servitude and sacrifice, he thinks it is normal.

It is the same with young girls watching their mothers bow to a man—husband or not. They don’t know what it means to be covered in love. They just know servitude and subjection so that he will stay, the giving away of body and identity, the crushing of the soul as payment for attention and attendance where there should be intimate relationship. This cycle is the quintessential breaking of the family unit that perpetuates itself generation after generation, one needing to be broken by the ending of having children with women—creating families that men cannot or choose not to provide for and protect— and with the sacrifice of feeling loved over being loved.

The Proverbs 31 woman exists because a Job 29 man made it possible by being her covering: protector, provider, and priest of the home. Kisha spencer, Facebook 2017

Kisha Spencer, Facebook 2017

Tuh. But y’all not ready to have a conversation about self sacrifice for the breaking of generational curses and the birthing of generational blessings.

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