Butterflies & Roadblocks, a Modern Day Parable

I saw a butterfly crossing IL-159 today. This happened in mere seconds and… well. Some things, the Lord lets me see and experience for the edification of those around me. He told me to write it out cuz there’s a word here for you and me.

The Parable.

The Monarch fought mightily against the wind on one of the busiest streets in the Metro East. As it battled headwind to cross the four lanes and safety boulevards, the downdraft of cars whizzing by above the speed limit threatened to drag the insect under impatient wheels.

We talking being pushed down AND pushed back.

I watched as the butterfly paused whenever a downturn of wind exploded between rushing vehicles fighting to go UP, not forward. Whenever a break in the traffic appeared, the butterfly fluttered with all its might to gain ground against the current flowing against it and the force pulling it down to certain death. It was a weird little jig that, if you were not being observant, you’d take as random and chaotic. It was anything but. Weird looking, but effective.

You made it this far? Stay with me.

A little over half way across, the butterfly went so low after a huge truck passed that I just knew that this was it. I was about to watch a butterfly die. I muttered, “Oh no! Come on Jesus!” as I lost sight of this solitary Monarch fighting towards the trees and safety and rest and flowers and food on the other side of the roadway. A split second—I low key thought it was a wrap, then WHOOSH! The butterfly burst up and forward on an unexpected turn of wind.

My light changed.

I almost cried as I strained my neck to see this butterfly blending into the first branches and leaves on a tree by Taco Bell in Fairview Heights, IL.


How many butterflies have I watched take the big sleep from little kid hands and underfoot and bug spray? I cannot ever say. How many butterflies have I watched cross busy roadways and run the gauntlet of people and predators and unwelcoming places? I can’t begin to tell you. What I can say? Today. I prayed for a butterfly and watched in AMAZEMENT as that butterfly beat every odd stacked against it and never gave up until it reached its goal and just when I was sure the jig was up that butterfly was delivered from death, hell, and the grave. It snatched victory out of the literal jaws of defeat.

And the Lord sent a “suddenly” to do it.

His divine wind rescued that butterfly, and as surely as I am sitting here praising the Lord the main way I know how? His Divine Wind is about to push you up and forward, too.

The Meaning.

Stay the course. Some of us about to hit that, “You been sitting down too long” slide into full out failure. Cuz failure only happens when you faint. A break is one thing; giving up? It’s altogether something else. And it starts in your mind, moves into your emotions, and manifests in your feet forever resting, a little folding of the hands. Get up! Whatever that means between you and the Lord and your life.

Be strategic. Whenever this butterfly found itself in a pickle, it didn’t give up; It went up. It knew what some of us fail to understand: there is safety in going higher. Are you tired? Feel worn out? Battling on every side? Gain the high ground. In the mountain of the Lord, it is provided. We seated in heavenly place in Christ. Get to God’s presence, where there is always deliverance. Stop living low and fighting downward! Fight your way UP.

Timing is everything. Listen. This butterfly went forward when it was clear and up when it wasn’t. It was so clumsy looking but ohhhh so elegant at the same time. Every time it got pushed back, it adjusted its position and waited for the perfect opportunity to go forward however it could go. Careening, hovering, swooping, fluttering, nose diving, shooting up…you name it, the butterfly did it to maximize each opportunity. Are you? STOP GETTING STUCK ON HOW IT LOOK. Just move, friend. The messy middle is icky for us all. Folks who got time to judge your struggle ain’t even doing nothing no way so why you pressed about their opinions? Get it how you live (in the Lord).

God always comes through. Baby when that butterfly went down real low that last time, I didn’t understand that God had a plan for that little insect. Honey, GOD HAS A PLAN. You can’t ever know it all or even how what you do plays out for generations. You just got to run the race, do the steps. And expect victory in the end cuz OUR GOD IS VICTORIOUS.

Bonus. Have you ever prayed for a butterfly?

Are you praying for someone that you see fighting against headwinds and downdrafts? Are you rooting for them to experience victory against every and all and any odds? Are you praying for butterflies to cross over into their places of rest?

Are you praying for me? Cuz I am praying for you, little Monarch.

May Adonai’s divine wind shoot you up and forward into the place He has prepared for you. In the matchless name of our Lord Christ Jesus.

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