I am looking for love: Wordle 569

Hello! I’m a week late and oh well! My life… the turmoil has been endless. And when there is an attack on my peace, my writing suffers. And yet! Here I am. A day late and a dollar short. But here.

This is last week’s Wordle, and I will work on today’s for tomorrow.

The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #569

Meanwhile, I chose to do a Petrarchan Sonnet. That’s the Italian version that goes ABBA ABBA CDE CDE. I didn’t do the 2 ABBA’s, lol. I was focused on getting the words from the challenge in there. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I will probably do the form again and focus more on the exacting nature. I got the meter down with minimal awkward and used all the words so I’m counting this as a win!


“I am looking for love,” original Al work by Kisha Spencer

“I am looking for love”

The pieces of love lay broken unmet
Tenacious though my heart may seem to be
And agile still my mind’s ability
To end each empty moment with a ‘yet’

My teeth rarely apart hope still present
As tears like full fat bees climb through the crack
Of my resolve oozing I brush them back
No one can know how sorrow has me spent

I face each day lonely ever the more
A wasted journey this for I’m as yet
Surrounded by people who cannot see
The vastness of the love I’m yearning for
And so, I smile full up with pure regret
The unmet longing slowly drowning me

Kisha Spencer

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