You deserve peace. Forgive.

Some people wake up with a heart to provoke others because they have allowed the accuser of the brethren to provoke them all night long. They need to relieve themselves of the condemnation and tension that they are experiencing; and rather than lift up their eyes unto the hills from whence cometh their help? They turn their pain onto you.

In the words of Christ as He looked down from the painful position of the cross, we must be able to say: “Father, we forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing.” Even the ones who have come into willing agreement and conscious coupling with the demonic do not truly know what they have done—they just think they do.

Anyway: your goal in life should be to owe no man anything except to love them, to avoid offense taking root in you, and to do what is the good, acceptable, perfect, pleasing will of God in Christ.

Take up your cross. Bear it with love. Receive the fruit of peace.

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