In His Presence Is Integrity

When I was out there doing wrong, having illicit relationships and doing whatever I felt like doing, I had ZERO integrity. Nothing phased me–nothing. I was truly the definition of lascivious, lustful, gluttonous…nothing looked like the fruit of the SPIRIT!

When God began to heal me, He began to restore my sense of integrity. Things that seemed okay to me at first starting to make me uncomfortable—men who would have been my “type” repulsed me. Things that I use to listen to or watch often leave an unsavory taste in my mouth. Not being myself causes me great physical discomfort. Not paying my debts or keeping my promises now grate on my spirit.

Having integrity is not just about how people see you or even how you address circumstances, though—It means being inline with God’s will. When you deliberately seek His will the Holy Spirit lets you know when you are being detrimental to yourself and stepping out of the will of God. I thank God that I no longer hide behind the law, but that I rest in His grace.

Are you in the will of God? Do you feel the tug, that soft whisper when you are moving in the wrong direction? If you do not, please do not fool yourselves. Stand before God and repent like David (and I) did (and continually do), asking Him to renew a RIGHT SPIRIT within you. God will restore your integrity because being restored to integrity means being restored to Him.

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