Focus on Me – A thought on distractions in a life meant for purpose.

Sometimes, someone inspires me—reminds me to level set myself into the person I am meant to be. And so while the word for the first half of 2022 was Balance, a new word has been added. Focus.

In the game of basketball, it is said that you make zero percent of the shots you never take, that every shot not taken is a missed shot. Right now? You’re playing this weird game of HORSE with a guy who can’t ever win. His only job is to make you lose. And as I have written on the blog before, satan cannot derail you; he can only DISTRACT you enough to make run the clock out. Because make no mistake: the clock is running. Always. Ain’t no timeouts, just the shot clock and the game clock. If the clock runs out and you’ve not score anything at all? You have lost at the game of life here in this side of earth. Your living here has become literal vanity. And every time we get distracted with unnecessarily fancy footwork or second guessing if you should take the shoot? You are losing time. Losing the opportunity to shoot your shot. Losing the chance to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you have been called in Christ.

Because you let a loser distract you.

How? How is he distracting you?

Everything you try to control beyond yourself is a distraction. All you can do is follow the spirit of Christ for yourself as much as you can according to the spirit that work in you. You can’t make other people will to do what is right in your own eyesight; neither can you force people into having the capacity to do right. That’s a Jesus job. All you can do is show up and do what the Lord told you to do and be who the Lord told you to be.

Everything that is good isn’t God. I said it before and I’ll say it again: there is worldly success. There is good success. Then there is Godly success. There is a place. There is a good place. Then there is THE APPOINTED PLACE. There is a season and time. There is an optimal season and good timing. There is Kairos. Anytime you take on what seems right to you without God’s seal of approval? You are sliding down the slippery slope of destruction.

You put more on yourself than you can bear. In all cases, you have to have the boundaries that make you able to say NO. Mrs. Tina Anderson said it best: Your NO is just as anointed as your YES. To stretch yourself too thin is to lose focus; to lose focus means that you are engaging in that fancy foot work I was talking about. You jooking around the court instead of standing firm and taking the shot.

The goal is to walk in the purpose that the Lord designed you for. The devil’s job is to keep you from it. That’s it. That’s the post.

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