Stasis-The Settling of Self in Christ

The cry for help doesn’t always look like tears.

Sometimes, folks are hyper sexual, greedy for food, engaging in thrill seeking activity—just looking for ways to make their bodies reproduce chemicals inside themselves that they need for the keeping of the soul… dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin…the body produces these things when we feel love, accomplishment, connection, happiness. See, much of the sin loop we find ourselves in are because the stress chemicals in our bodies outweigh the calm, joyful ones. We figured out how to “ease” our trauma pain in maladaptive ways, while pushing forward like nothing was wrong. So when the word tells us these things about the physical body there are real practical implications to it. Denying yourself means dealing head on wlearned to soothe very real physical and emotional responses while ALSO dealing with the physical and emotional responses themselves. What I mean by that is this: you not just dealing with your bad behaviors. You’re dealing with the mindsets and trauma that caused the behavior to begin with.

The ONLY way to do it is that Lord brings you through the process He has designed to bring you to stasis. In the word, we are told to give our bodies up to the Lord as a living sacrifice to the Lord and to crucify the flesh, to renew our mind, to cast down vain imaginations and high thoughts and bring them under subjection to the knowledge of Christ. All of these things are practical. All of these things are actionable. All of these things are doable. All these things begin and end with the presence of God. And in the midst of His presence are real live things that you will do to help you get to the space of willful obedience rather that unintentional disobedience. Counseling. Therapy. Mentorship. Fasting. Praying. Exercising. Bible study. Reading. Studying. Discipline. Being honest. Trying and failing and trying again. Sowing. Tithing. Sacrifice.

None of these things get God to DO anything; rather, they have been designed by God to reset your body and behaviors and beliefs. To get you to stasis so that you no longer react to outside stimuli. To help you learn to live in His presence, where the fullness of joy outweighs everything else. Why?

His joy is designed to settle you.


Stasis=not able to changed

Cuz this is the essence of healing:

And the God of all grace, the One having called you to His eternal glory in Christ, of you having suffered a little while, He Himself will perfect, will confirm, will strengthen, and will establish you.

1 Peter 5:10 KJV

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