Values and Beliefs and Feelings and Thoughts and Words and Behaviors: The essence of alignment

You are not what you say you are; you are what you believe and what you value. You will always act in accordance to what you really believe and have found worth in, thereby demonstrating what is true to you. Even when that runs contrary to what that mouth do.🫢

Side note but importantly so: The truest words you speak come out of you in moments of anguish, anger, fear, and disappointment. When your words stop changing despite your emotions and circumstances, then you have reached the space where your words, beliefs, and values are aligning.

Your actions will follow suit. This is what y’all worldly folks call “manifesting.” In the word of God, those who keep Christ’s commandments show that we love Him, setting ourselves up for God love to be made manifest to us in Christ. We are also admonished to not judge a thing before time God always brings the hidden things of the heart into manifestation. In a word: what is in your heart will produce a public display some kinda way eventually. The public display we are looking for is Christ. Always.


Who are you when you are afraid, what do you say when you are upset? How do you act when things fall apart? Whose report do you really believe? This is who you are. Even if you don’t verbalize it.

This is the essence of alignment and salvation, the working out your own salvation with fear (deep reverence—in my own understanding—for God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence in our lives specifically) and trembling is our move to make. Tremblingwhew. That means you understand and operate in the anxiety of knowing that you won’t ever meet the requirements but to do your best regardless no matter what—seeing as that we have so great a High Priest interceding on our behalf for our shortcomings.

I believe we call that the spirit of excellence and integrity by way of Grace.

Anyway. These are the thoughts I think as I grow in favor and stature with God and man. 👌🏾 I pray that grace abounds and sin abates for us all as we come into alignment with God’s most graciously exacting holy will, and that we use His word to spotlight the hidden places in our hearts so that we align fully and not just outwardly for show with idle words and in our own power.

It’s always better to BE than to pretend to.


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