“Gratitude in Verse Form”

“Gratitude in Verse Form”, original work by Kisha Spencer
“Gratitude in Verse Form”
by: Kisha GreatJoy Spencer

Grateful to God for all the switches
How He pulls me out these ditches
Won’t let me these knock bitter witches
Wishing that I took an L

These folks is steady outchea playing
But instead of fighting I keep praying
His presence pressed here and I’m staying
Cuz I know God does all things well.

Despite my tussles and my stumbles
I may fall but won’t never crumble
I keeps it loud turnt up on humble
It’s by His grace I make it through

Big shout out to the Holy Spirit
Cuz when He talking now I hear it
And with His help I’m getting near it
Can’t wait to see what Yah up to

Safe in His arms I’m steady resting
Standing on promise no more protesting
Ain’t got no time to chase down clout
By Grace-Through Faith-I walk it out.

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