Bored things… AI on Christmas Eve

Sitting at my mom and dad’s house, my childhood home and waiting for the anti-climatic chaos of Christmas. My brother and his wife just welcomed a new baby into their sphere about two weeks ago so he’s not coming home; we will be going to visit them. I’m fully embedded in this reclining chair, electric blanket in lap as my family inquired about whether I am going to do more than I am doing.

It’s a no for me.

The full weight of my life hit me this month, and I have found myself floating between depression and anxiety about depression. My doctor gave me some things to do, and my family has been taking up the slack where I am falling.

I don’t have anything inspirational to say; just that sometimes you gotta slow down. You gotta take care of you.

Here’s some random AI stuff I did to kind of give myself something to do.

I pray that your day is full of joy and peace. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you peace.

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