Stardust: (Sunday Whirl 584)

My take on the “Sunday Whirl” for this week, is called “Stardust.” The whirl looked like this:

No idea what happened with the form. I think I started out considering a Sonnet but it went awry. Still works tho I think.


“Stardust,” original work by Kisha Spencer

She gathers stardust in her wake each night
The moonshine glistening clear against black skin
Her body lithe, her soul at peace within
She glides effortlessly between each light

The world that she inhibits seems so bright
But she knows better for where stardust ends
Is also where all any light begins
Vanishing swiftly unending night

She scans horizons cold and far
Her gaze follows the empty deep
The world around her icy blue
Goddess of distant stony stars
No new growth here just past to keep
Stardust stained against dark hue

Kisha Spencer

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