Joyous Kwanzaa, Day #3: Ujima

Joyous Kwanzaa, Day 3, Ujima, original work by Kisha Spencer

One of the great mysteries of the believer’s walk of faith is the belief that God exists in a plural state of oneness. This is no theology lesson on today; but I want to point out to you that from the very beginning, God has modeled for us the perfection of the collective. In Genesis 1:3, God spoke the Word (which was revealed as the person of Jesus Christ) and the Spirit moved on that Word—thus forming the 3 dimensions that we experience as earth: The speaking of that which is not into existence and acting on that speaking.

From the beginning, God made it clear that we needed each other. Man needed woman and woman man. Children needed parents and parents children. The earth and its systems needed mankind’s responsible dominion and mankind needed the systematic renewable function of increase that the earth yielded.

I need you.

You need me.

None is greater than another.

None is less.

We are responsible for each other.

When one falls, we all fall.

Maybe we don’t feel the immediate sting or pull, but eventually the weakest among us tell the tale of whether we are strong. How we take care of those with the least illuminates our character and our future.

Is it looking dark to you, too? Or has the indifference blinded me to the degree that I can no longer tell when we are taking care of one another?

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