Joyous Kwanzaa, Day #4: UJAMAA

Collective economics, original work by Kisha Spencer

One of the things that I love about Jesus that He held no punches. He had a lot to say about people and their hearts regarding money, one being this: show me what you spend money on and I’ll show you where that person’s heart is at. (Matthew 6:21 Kisha’s version).

Many of us have hearts bent to idols of things—being seen, being heard, being validated based on how much expensive stuff we can accumulate. We forget that our mandate as believers (Cuz that’s who I’m talking to—those of you who are scoffers, unbelievers, believers in other ideologies, etc, this ain’t for you really) is to give and to take care of people. To be kind and love. To be God’s hand and heart on the earth. To do God’s will on earth as it is in the kingdom of heaven. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, pray for the sick, help the poor and needy, take care of the orphan and widow. Protect children. Show mercy and kindness to the stranger. Share. Give. Give. Give. Give.

You want to talk about collective economics? Talk about doing good for the sake of just being good because God is good. Being merciful because God is merciful. Being loving because God is love. You know. The more excellent way. Because really? How can you say you love God whom you’ve NEVER seen but will walk past a homeless person—or shoot, your cousin like they are a piece of trash? Not possible. You show you love God bye how you treat others. Period.

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