Kindness, Clarity, and Encouragement – #98

Listen. LISTEN. This last 2 years. BOOIIIIII. But I never have lost my faith in GOD or the fact that He has a purpose for me and my children’s children.

So I have labored to rest, and I press from within His rest.

I’ve had to cry.
I’ve had to sit down.
I’ve had to admit defeat.
I’ve had to lose people and things.
I’ve had to start over. A lot.
I’ve had to sit still and wait.
I’ve had to change how I approach.
I’ve had to re-read the same scripture over and over and over.
I’ve had to forgive.

I’ve had to submit each little bit of myself to the process, even now learning—relearning the new way to pray and vow before the Lord God Adonai.

I wouldn’t have it any other way! You too can press from within His rest. Cuz pressing from there means pressing His will, which is our purpose!

Love you!

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