Focus on His Promise, Not Your Problems

“Learn to rehearse God’s Promises, Instead of Your Problems”, original work by Kisha Spencer

The nature of all human suffering is that we “need”–suggesting that we lack.

Yet if we are IN God and God is IN us, does not the scripture say we have shalom? (Nothing missing, nothing broken OR no lack).

PEACE, therefore, looks like this: “IN GOD THERE IS NO LACK; everything that I need? I have. Anything that I don’t have that I need? God has provided. And whatever I don’t have, I do not need right now. It is well.”

The second we retrain our minds to believe that we have everything we need at any give moment, we have become what the word calls, “free indeed.” Even in our suffering, we reach for the positive, productive, and peaceful, understanding that in all things God loves us and His plan is to bring us to expected end. We then can turn our attention to loving others as ourselves…a command that Jesus Himself gave as the second only to our love of God with our entire being.

Learn to rehearse HIS PROMISES, not YOUR PROBLEMS.

Love you!

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