Sow Peace; Reap Righteousness

Author unknown found on Facebook

I sow peace. So I can reap peace.

I’d rather apologize to someone who is wrong than win a fight. I’d rather give you what you want than fight for my own selfish gains. I’d rather watch, pray, and give you a WIDE BERTH and a LONG-HANDLED SPOON than try to get you to see things my way.

This doesn’t make me weak.

I am actively being MEEK (quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive). I do this because Jesus said the MEEK INHERIT THE EARTH. Tuh. I plan to inherit the earth. The old and the new. (Read ya word).

Back to PEACE.

Many of you are miserable because you DO NOT SOW PEACE. You gotta be right. You gotta be first. You gotta be aggressive to get your point across. You are a drama magnet—you like to gossip, pass judgment, talk about folks, look down on people, etc. That don’t bring peace. Certainly not the Lord’s peace.


If you choose to daily lay down your will, Jesus wasn’t blowing smoke fam. He left you with a gang of peace. Not the world kinda peace that comes and goes with stuff happening but HIS PEACE—that peace that have you outchea making folks mad because they can’t figure out why you so chill. They think you FAKE kinda-peace. They suspicious of you kinda-peace. That “you don’t even understand” kinda-peace.

Sow in peace. Reap that good harvest. ✌🏾

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:18

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