Kindness, Clarity, and Encouragement – #104

So hear me out!

We outchea running for our lives and for what? No where in the word does it tell us to hustle. We are told to work the work of Him that sent us. We are told to labor into His rest. We are told to press toward the mark. We are told to study to show ourselves approved. We are told to seek the Kingdom of God and HIS (not its) righteousness. We are told to be a bunch of things like merciful, meek, holy like God, not afraid, transformed by the renewing of our minds, living sacrifices, led by the Spirit of God…

But none of those things (nor the other stuff I didn’t have the time or space to type) say HUSTLE.

To Hustle is to live outside the will of the Father, to get it your own way in your own time how you see fit. It is a part of the “I WILL” mentality of iniquity that grieves God and forces us far from His presence. God forbid!

Christ came to set the captive free—and that freedom includes being free from our own wills, which drive us into death, hell, and the grave. To take up our own crosses, to crucify our flesh isn’t about culturally irrelevant issues that we’ve called sin. No no! It’s is all about the setting down of our own will to live inside CHRIST, where the work is FINISHED. And all WE must do is obey.

So this year, let me ask you something: Is it alignment or hustle? His will or yours? I’ll give you a hint: OBEDIENCE is ALWAYS better than sacrifice, and rebellion (doing what YOU want to do) is actually as witchcraft (manipulation of a system outside its ordained course).

Getting into formation behind Christ (not Beyoncé), Great Joy.

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