Kindness, Clarity, and Encouragement – #105

I always find it slightly distasteful when people attribute basic good fortune to God, as though God doesn’t love people who experience misfortune. It kind of smacks of self righteousness to me, like the Pharisee in Matthews praying all loud about how awesome he was. I mean, I most definitely praise God for every little thing, but it doesn’t somehow make me more blessed than other people. The rain falls on the just and the unjust; we all experience trouble and triumph. We all have up moments and down times. It is the human experience.

It would seem more genuine that we notice other people’s pain and HELP them rather than boast when we aren’t experiencing any. I think that is why so many people shy away from the faith–we spend all our time telling folks how much God loves US instead of how much God loves THEM.

Jesus is for everybody because God SO LOVED the world. Therefore His grace is sufficient inside and outside any issue or judgement or experience we may have. God’s sovereignty sits above it all and His love encompasses it all. Grace has a name, and it is Jesus Christ our Savior, Lord, and King.

May grace and mercy be multiplied in every area of your life. And mine. So that we might show even the smallest amount of the never failing endless love and God through Christ us toward now to one another.

Standing firmly in the grace and mercy of my Lord, Great Joy

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