Love never fails. That’s it. That’s the prophetic word for the day.

Man. Y’all tired of reading yet?

Doug Addison

I have never been one to sit around and tell folks what the Lord SAID; the Lord don’t talk to me like Hw be talking to some of y’all. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m still working on the obedience part, still working on being slow to speak, still working on not by works lest any should boast.

I also have never found myself to be prophetic or a prophet. While I love words and I love THE Word, the utterances of the Lord are not my portion. When I read the word, I tend towards the Pentateuch then the Judges. The Judges make sense to me. We need to go fight in Haschem? Say. Less. I also tend toward the New Testament cuz there the rubber meets the road. Jesus is my main character, and all roads lead back to Who Christ is and how that looks in me, on me, for me, and despite me. And since the New Testament feels like instruction and the Pentateuch is most def instruction, the teacher in me likes clarity of understanding: what do I do? What do I don’t do? What happens when I mess up? What happens when I stick the landing?

Yes. Definitely not prophetic.

But there is one prophet who, at his chore, makes sense to me. He spilled a complaint into the Lord then said, “I’m gone stand here and SEE what the LORD will say unto me.” He wrote what he saw the Lord say.

When you okay and make your supplication unto the Lord, you must ask Him for eyes to see and ears to hear. You must desire to see what the Lord will answer you more than silver, gold, people, places, things. To read God’s word you must ask Him to show you the hidden things.

And please understand: the hidden things are not these fancy and strange interpretations of end time prophecy or theological expressions of holy writ through intellectual eyes. Nah. The hidden mysteries are just that God never fails, His love is everlasting to everlasting, His mercy endures forever, His grace is sufficient, He is all and in all and through all. His will is absolute. His plan is perfect. His presence is fullness of joy.

And to our sin sick souls and tainted eye gates and ear gates? Those things are mysterious. Impossible. Unrecognizable.

Standing on my watch,

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