I miss you, All is well

“I Miss You, All Is Well,” an original work by Kisha Spencer

Here is a poem I repurposed for my husband’s obituary. They had put a general poem in there that I ain’t like, and I was like gimme me a minute. I went through years of half finished, written but unedited, completed but unpublished l, published but not quite right poems until I came to this one. The text is below. It sums up all my feels all in one. I would tell you to enjoy but why would I tell somebody to enjoy my pain. That’s ghetto. Enjoy my writing? Sigh.

“I Miss You, All Is Well”

The pieces of love lay broken unmet,
Tenacious though my heart may seem to be
And agile still my mind’s ability
To end each empty moment with a ‘yet’.

My teeth rarely apart hope still present
As tears like full fat bees climb through the crack
Of my resolve oozing I brush them back.
No one can know how sorrow has me spent.

I face each day quite sad ever the more,
A wife without my husband’s hand to hold
Surrounded by all these who cannot see.
The vastness of the love I’m yearning for.
Yet still, my hope is found in Christ my Lord:
His will My peace and now Your Victory.


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