How Much IN Christ ARE You Really? A Marriage Moment

“Yield”, original work Kisha Spencer

If you are married and are considering divorce, I encourage you to think differently about what’s happening.

I had plenty of times that I wanted to leave my husband. Many “valid” reasons by logical standards; and so did he cuz people gone people, and incompatibility happens at various times and seasons in your lives together. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I can tell you INDUBITABLY that I’ve been quite the childish spoiled brat. And he had been quite the ornery stuck in his ways old man. We were living 2 different seasons of life at the same time, always.

But when I took wise council from wise women and then wise men who listened to what the spirit of the Lord was saying to the church? I stopped looking at all the things I felt that Spencer was doing wrong. I started looking at how little I was doing in Christ.

Many of us choose Christ as a loving savior so that we don’t buss hell wide open, yet stop at the part where we put on the MIND OF CHRIST. AND YES! If you confess Christ as Savior, the next words are “and Lord”. That means giving Him ALL of you. Including how you engaging others.

See listen. There’s a mindset that exists in Christ that causes you to adjust what’s at the center of your thinking. You stop trying to focus on yourself as the center, and Christ—who He is and what He does and how He responds becomes the focus. The self-centeredness, the “I will” begins to lose power over you as you YIELD to being IN Christ. Gone head and read what you agreeing to. What the mind of Christ entails. Philippians 2:1-11.😐

You’re welcome. 😘

Anyway, when I began to focus on allowing God to fix who I am and how I related to my husband, do you know that my husband began to relate differently to me? Do you know he became quieter, less combative, sweeter? The MORE I willingly yielded to the spirited of the living God, the more Spencer treated me like the earthen vessel carrying precious gifts.

Did I get it right always? Absolutely not! I’m halfway through to menopause. He was sicka me and my hot flashes and crabbiness! But whenever I came to myself, I always remembered to yield. And do you know? Spencer learned to give me a kind of grace that he hadn’t had for me before.

I said all that to say this: before you break a union cuz you just FEEL A WAY, maybe. JUST MAYBE. You ought to ask God to show you how you much you’re IN CHRIST. Cuz being IN CHRIST makes a crapload of difference every time all the time in all the ways.

Not grieving as those who have no hope,

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