In the fullness of time (GOD IS ALWAYS NOW)


I look back over my life and see how the Lord has guided me. I look where He brought me from so I can trust where He is taking me in the fullness of time.

In the FULLNESS of time…

A switch:

If you’re listening to Bishop Jakes right now? You may be wondering what exactly he on, lol. The upper limits of spiritual understanding can be a lift if you don’t study for yourself, if you lack foundation passed “I don’t wanna go to hell.” He is talking about time and God’s relation to it and it’s relation to you as a believer and as a physical being in the earth.

It can get sticky if you not paying attention.

Lemme see if I can break down a little for you, cuz that’s what I do.

God sits above Time, IN ETERNITY. We call God eternal because eternal is a measure of time, albeit it one impossible for us to measure. We are bound by light that marks seasons. Seasons relate to time. We are bound by years because our bodies do not last. So all we NATURALLY understand is the ticking of the clock, the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons of winter summer spring and fall.

But God simply IS. Wherever God is? It is NOW. God is in your past, so your past is always NOW. God is in your future, so your future is always NOW. When you dream or envision something that will happen ahead of you? It IS HAPPENED/HAPPENING. Whatever you ruminate on from your past IS HAPPENED/HAPPENING. Because God is there, and God IS. And that “is” means NOW. It’s the reason you can change HOW you think about something that hurt you yesterday in a new way today. It’s the reason why you can move in hope with faith that a thing you’ve only thought about or spoken will come to pass. Because GOD IS. And IS is NOW.

God is NOW.

Mind blowing.

But this is what it means to understand that you’re a spiritual being having a natural experience via the operation of your soul. Whenever God is, so are you if you are risen in Christ.

You are moving through time guided by a timeless God.

Back to the chorus:

It’s wild to me how the Lord started this conversation. How I have always side eyed the measure of time; how the Lord allowed me to see what sat on top of what I could see. How in certain situations, time becomes one’s and zeros and God shifts the moments around me for me like as Master chess player playing against himself to win both sides. I think BACK to the first sermon I heard that put words to what I saw, Bishop White talking about the parallel walk we walk in life, how then the Lord showed me how the theory of light relativity worked from His feet, how time stops when you approach light—that He IS the light, the Father of ALL LIGHT and approaching Him boldly made time stand still.

  • How I look younger now than I did 20 years ago.
  • How my granny looks like she could be 63 and not 83.
  • How my students experience me as an old young person.
  • How my daughters have matured but not aged.
  • How my husband went from excited and alive to elderly and barely existing then back again before he died.
  • How the world—the actual earth is dying all around us while we pretend like all is well.

In the fullness of time…

I look back to move forward. NOT to contemplate what I could do or should do, but to show my gratitude to the Lord for the tangible MERCY that is time. He who holds the time in His hands, holds me there, too.

And while what I will be has not yet appeared, I am closer to my salvation than when I first began.

In the fullness of time.

Blessing God for the gift of mercy,

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