When I think of offense, I think of a boiled egg and how separating the membrane can be the difference between a perfectly peeled egg and a damaged one. Offense is that membrane, determines to keep you enclosed the hard shell of bitterness.

Original work by Kisha Spencer

The tried and true method of separating that egg and membrane is an ice bath; the tried and true method of separating you from offense? Forgiveness.

But not just you forgiveness them. It goes both ways. Soft words turn away wrath, you know? And to acknowledge your faults—hidden though they might be from your own eyes—drops you square in the middle of God’s grace, where the Holy Spirit meets me and corrects me while God covers me while I cover them. Cuz let me tell you this: as much as they done offended you? I promise you, you done offended them too. We all perceive differently when it’s our feelings at stake. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #apologize

Pride is one helluva drug, but so is humility. God gives grace to the humble; God lifts up the humble. The meek (intentional humility in all things) shall inherit the earth. When you take on Jesus yoke? He is lowly of heart (meek), which bring s rest for the soul. And also? YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. That wasn’t a money primarily scripture ✌🏾

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