The intercession of effectiveness: Metron

Influence is not the same as power and authority.🤔

Authority- means you’ve been given permission or the right to do

Power-means you’ve been given the means and access to do

Influence- means you’ve been given the ability to sway those who can or will do

It’s like saying a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. And that both are parallelograms but the angles of one kind of quadrilateral may be 90 degrees while the angles of a parallelogram are not . People with power and authority always have some influence, but being an influencer doesn’t always end in power and authority. Those in power often do not have authority and imitate influence through force and fear. Then you can have all the authority and be frustrated cuz you don’t have a lick of power or influence.

That didn’t mean influence is a bad thing or lesser thing; it simply means that how you move depends on the overlap (or lack thereof) of the 3 in your life. That doesn’t mean your authority isn’t authentic; it means that maybe you’ve not yet been empowered to do that which you’ve been given authority to do.

Check this out: Moses had power and authority but little influence on the people. The Egyptians hated him, and the Hebrews resented him. He talked to God face to face but he only ever truly had 1-2 friends: his father in law, and Joshua. No matter what he did, the folks were never satisfied or grateful or took his word for it. Caleb and Joshua had authority but little power and no influence when they first came from spying; their ability to see what God had said preserved them but a generation passed before they could enter in. They were the only ones left of their age because they believed God, and with that faith came power later. Jethro had authority and influence but no power with the Israelites, so he used his authority to speak plainly to Moses and his influence to change how Moses governed. Aaron had great influence but no power and limited authority. He was able to create for the people the golden idol calf, convince the people to not kill him afterwards, and convince the people to grumble against Moses. God gave him authority inside the tabernacle but no power except to obey and serve.

Jesus had all 3 all the time. People were persuaded to repent and seek the kingdom; Jesus cast out devils and healed sickness and disease—that’s power. He had the authority to send demons out of people but not to their written judgment. And when He resurrected? Jesus was given all power and authority. The three together together are what make dominion.

Where in your life do you have influence but no power or authority? What about power but no influence? Or maybe authority without power? Wherever the 3 converge fully like a circle atop a circle atop a circle—all with the same circumference? That space is where the anointing rests. It is your metron.

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