Want to “handle hard better?” Do this.

Proactive Coaching Ad

I saw a whole little deal on this Facebook ad that said “handle hard better.” Here it go, cuz it wasn’t locked so I stole it.

It was quite an intriguing thing to see. TBH, it pulled me up short. I felt like it would be absolutely offensive to someone who has been living a life of defense for a long time, in survival mode without help or hope.

At the same time, I understood exactly what is being alluded to. It is true. Absolutely, indelibly true. There is no time when things won’t be difficult. Even in the word of God we are told by Jesus Himself that (a) in this world would be trouble and (b) to whom much is given much is required.

So. Where to go from that?

The first step is acknowledging the hard. Trying to act like life ain’t life-ing is dumb. Don’t be dumb. You can’t shout your way out hard, neither can you pray your way into easy. What you can do? Admit it. It’s only then, in the Spirit of Truth, that you can hear the answer leading to the yoke of Christ that is easy with a light burden. You know, EASE. Peace. Tell the truth—to yourself and to God. Clear the air around your thinking so that you can hear what the solutions are.

Secondly, prioritize. Some of the hard is just you not prioritizing what is necessary versus what feels urgent. Everybody problems is not your priority. Stop taking on unnecessary tasks in the name of looking successful and feeling accomplished when the things that need your attention get left undone.

And finally. Renew your mind. The number one enemy of your destiny is your own thinking, and the devil is always after your mind. He looks for ways to fill your thoughts with things and pushes the buttons of your personal triggers that make you believe that the lies he tells are true. Give no place.

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