The Parable of the Talents

If I were teaching bible study this week, I’d teach from Mathew 25/Luke 11: the parable of the talents. I’d tell you this:

1) you got talent.
2) You’re expected to use them, and
3) not only use them, but use them where you’re planted.
4) The ruler blessed the ones who used what they had.

You don’t have to be famous or wealthy; you just gotta use what you got where you are. Everything that you’re willing to use no matter the moment will be multiplied. Everything you don’t use will be lost. Where you are in life shouldn’t matter. A talent is a talent and talents are meant to bless and edify whoever is there to receive them.

I’ve watched baby trees spring up between concrete slabs–Will you choose to bloom where you’re planted? Or will you die waiting for the time and the place to be just right?

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