Get to Know Me; I’m Amazing.

The husband.
The daughters.
The Family.

Hi. I’m Kisha.

Wife (been that for a while now)

Mother (same – 2 daughters)

Consulting Parent (I hate the term stepparent)

Bonus Grandmother (a girl and a boy)

Daughter/Niece/Granddaughter/Sister (I still have most of my family around, praise God)

Churchgoer and Worker (obviously, right? Look at the name of the blog)

Teacher (15 years in as of 2020)

Regional Supervisor (don’t ask me what that means; I just said okay because I like Bishop White)

Writer (my ENTIRE life)

Reader (same)

Friend (I try to be)

Thinker (Deliver me from me)

Singer (shhhh!)

Intercessor (prayer warrior sounds way more intense than what I do, lol)

Worshipper (We’ll talk about that more later)

I am most importantly (at least to ME anyway) a Believer in Christ. I believe that the word of God is more than true–that it is THE TRUTH. I also understand that the only way to know that truth is by reading it from the God-lens of the Holy Spirit. I’m on a pursuit to capture God’s heart.