(Wo)man in the Mirror

Straightened my hair one day (as much as I could…) and while the style itself was a complete and epic fail (we will talk above it the tools another day), I got to see where my hair was at. I could have just walked away from the mirror and marveled at my growth, ignoring the issues like splitting and dryness and sun damage. Instead, I took out the shears, checked where the growth was, where my problems were, and clipped my ends effectively. Afterwards I made sure that I looked at what I needed to change to better retain moisture moving forward to avoid the same kind of damage.

The Holy Spirit does that for your life—He straightens you out, showing you where you’ve grown as a Christian, showing you areas you need to work on, and flat out cutting off anything that doesn’t match the will of God. If you never open up the mirror of the word, you won’t see what the Spirit says needs to be adjusted. What’s worse though? Looking at it, seeing it…then walking off like what you saw “will do”.

That’s not how this works!

If the word of God isn’t making your adjust your heart posture, then you know this for facts: YOU YO DADDY’S Son (read John 8:44), lying to yourself about where you are and what you are doing in Christ. You’ve exchanged the truth of God—that we are changed ever the more into the image of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18) as we submit to the process of purification—for that new lie that God’s grace is sufficient for your ever abounding, never-ending, never-changing cycle of sin. No ma’am, no ham, no turkey. His grace abounds to empower you to change your posture and your thoughts so that sun no longer is your default—not for you to simply say, “God knows my heart” and keep walking around out of order.

Let us not. Can we not?

This week, look at your soul through the mirror of the Holy Ghost-illuminated Word of God and begin to reshape your life. Submit yourself to the pruning, shaping, and living-giving correction of the word of God. Let’s all look in the mirror and not just ask that (wo)man to change their ways but to actually be DOERS. And change.

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