The Ride or Die Who Put It in PARK

confession: I used to proudly call myself a “ride or die” chick. Nobody told me that the “die” could mean emotional destruction, physical harm, or spiritual agony.

Now that I’m older, I have questions. Like: Why I gotta choose one? Why I can’t just ride? And where might we be going that may involve me dying? Why death even gotta be involved? It is appointed unto me to die once. Is what you on worth my one time? Worth my 1 appointment?

Video from “Shunty Ringfield, TikTok”; original sound from Rookies & Dreams, pd. 2, JR Allen

Some of us need to release the soul ties we are bound with from all that riding and dying we’ve done. We have gotten wrapped up in spiritual oppression, depression, and possession trying to hold onto bad situations and relationships. We are suffering 5-10-20 years later from being caught up with someone who was a son/daughter of Abaddon (the destroyer). Even with that person gone from our lives, we are still carrying the spirit of destruction with us, killing everything in our path and wondering why we can’t find lasting peace, joy, and love.

Let it go.

Jesus came that we might have life–and that more abundantly. Ask God today to cut those ties from your life and fill your heart with God’s joy. Ask God to wipe the very memory from your mind, and replace that spirit with the Holy Spirit.

You will thank me later.

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