As I Am

Tell me I’m the best, I am

I’ll be feelin’ like, yes, I am, I am

You know I’m the best, ah yeah

You’d be a fool to not take me as I am

H.E.R., “As I Am”

We always want the things we were never meant to have, giving more weight to what if than what is.

I used to buckle under that weight, crying myself to sleep at night because I felt unseen, unloved, unappreciated, and unworthy. The day I made an intentional choice to take everything AS IT IS—to take me as I am—God began to show me what real peace is. And I began to notice how much and how many people loved me as I was and supported me where I was.

But I only saw my value for THEM when I recognized it in ME.

The habit I had to break was in the mind—the “This is not the way they said it would be.” And my need for validation has been decreasing ever sense. Now, I’m telling myself that I am the best me at every moment I draw breath. Jesus lives in me, and I’ve fully committed to giving everything about me to His hand. I’ve stopped asking if I’m doing okay; now I am committed to telling myself and others that whatever my lot? It is well because God is just and He does all things well.

I’m the best that I am. And if I am not, The Father will adjust me into being the best He created me to be for the moment you will find me in.

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