This one is a part of the challenge put forth by Sammi Cox . Here are the parameters:

Writing Prompt challenge from “Sammi Cox, Author Aspiring” #267

My first try was a fail for following the directions. A wordy durd like me missed the word count by a country mile! So I had to dig in deep and try again. My 2nd attempt hit the marks. Am I satisfied with it?hmmmm… They both have merits. I think I did a better job this time with meter—you know, not having awkward words trying to SAY A THING. And using less words, lol. Clearly less words is an issue for me!

Anyway: I’m giving you both attempts. The first was my stab at another triolet. Totally murked the form. The a tusk prompt directions? Def a swing and a miss. The second one hit both form and function, though I opted for the simple rhyme scheme. Enjoy.

Attempt number 1. “Return: Christ the Good Shepherd” original work by Kisha Spencer

Attempt number 2. “Return: Christ Triumphant.” Original work by Kisha Spencer

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