Free Your Mind

“Be Ye Transformed By the Renewing Of Your Mind”

Mind control is THE name of the game after salvation. It is the place through which you find yourself struggling or successful, living or dying. The thoughts that cycle through are a direct window into what you really believe. And even though we’ve learned to fake it, the mouth will always let slip what the mind has grasped hold of.

The test and trials of this life are specifically designed to be your personal mental threshing floors. God doesn’t like to see you suffer–please let that idea go–but God always uses the current struggle to dig up the next bad root that you’ve been eating the fruit of.

Why? Because God knows what Envogue sang about is true: FREE YOUR MIND, AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW. The rest. Lololol. Some of y’all gone miss that. #honestChristianity #realtimechange #renewyourmind

“Free Your Mind,” By En Vogue

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