God’s BUT

Never put a “BUT” on God’s word.

“The word says be slow to anger, but he just make me so mad…”

“The Bible say I ought to love my neighbor but she get on my nerve. I can’t stand that lady…”

“Jesus said I should forgive as many times as I need to, but I just can’t let that go…”

“The Bible say I gotta respect my husband, but he gotta do his part too…”

“The Word says I need to lead my household, but I can’t do it if she don’t help me lead…”

To quote the Word then negate it by speaking to what the flesh desires is doublemindedness. And we all know how THAT turns out. 💁🏾‍♀️ (James 1:8)

If you say the word of God is true, then there are no buts. Just the Word.

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