Joyous Kwanzaa, Day 6: KUUMBA

Creative power of God

The creative mind of God is immeasurable—something that mankind has spent its existence investigating in an ongoing attempt to extricate the source and replicate the perfection thereof. From DNA strands and quarks, to particle accelerators and space missions, to the Tower of Babel and astrology and the so-called ascended masters, we’ve been trying to reproduce creation without the Creator from the beginning.

But who can know the GREAT and TERRIBLE GOD? As Adonai interrogated Job: where were we when Elohim pulled the waters from the firmament, and then land from that? NO WHERE, that’s where. And yet. What is man that Abba is so mindful of us? That He gave us free will and handed us dominion over all that He had made—then handing it back to us at great cost to Himself in the form of Christ when we risked it all for nothing? Who can stand against so great a LOVE, so all encompassing a POWER?

Moreover, that same GOD empowered us each with combinations of gifts and talents unique to each individual. Inside of YOU is the solution to a problem that no one else can solve. That gift, when activated through the power and presence of the Lord MY God, produces the ability to make room for you—taking you from the pit to the palace. It is YOUR responsibility as a child of the MOST HIGH to stand in the creative imaging as a representative of the Kingdom of Heaven here in the earth.

Kuumba, original work by Kisha Spencer

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